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Beef Cattle

We began our registered Hereford seed stock journey with the purchase of high quality foundation females from respected breeders such as Boettcher’s Brookview Acres and Colyer Herefords. Utilizing genomic testing as an added tool, we breed about 20 females each year using 100% AI to industry leading bulls that include C Black Hawk Down, Trust 100W, Next Level, Kick Start, Mighty 49C, Sensation 2504,

Red Bull 200Z, and Hometown 10Y.

Our genetic program starts with analyzing the individual needs of every female within our herd. We start with sire phenotype and use all the genomic tools available to us to enhance future progeny. Our program strives for nothing less than maternal excellence and longevity. We believe this, along with sire selection, is the best way to deliver the most productive progeny on the farm and in the show ring.

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